Vasily Eremenko's Simple Programs for Education Purposes

Author: Vasily Eremenko <>


What is it?

vas-short-progs is the collection of simple programs for education purposes.

What programs are in vas-short-progs?

Now there is just one Java program: MemoryCache (java/MemoryCache) - Simple library class MemoryCache, which allows to cache objects at heap (memory), and two other classes for testing purposes (simple realisation of unit testing).

Now vas-short-progs-1.0 is the current stable and recommended release. Link to download:

Look below for installation manuals and examples.

Some Technical Notes (just for technicians)

This part is the second in query to update... In reverse order. ;)

GNU Bazaar ( ) is used as VCS.


This is a collection of simple short programs for education purposes. No installation at all. Just download, unpack and

cd vas-simple-progs
make run

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